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The industry of Party organization

Release time:2016-06-27 16:00:28

To implement the "two industry in our city to learn a" study and education activities, the city Party committee industry recently carried out "Party discipline is printed in my heart" "Chinese self-discipline criterion" and "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China disciplinary regulations" special knowledge testing activities. Test paper answer form, composed of multiple choice, multiple choice questions to determine the problem of three kinds of questions, covering the main content of the "standards" and "Regulations", especially the "new standards" and add or modify the contents of the "Regulations" as a test key.

Party organizations directly under the accounting firm to test the work of a high degree of attention, put it as a two to learn one important content of the activity, the person responsible for the implementation of specific requirements, to make mobilization. We actively organize a pro forma, focus on learning at least the branch, individual party members use spare time to learn. A day before the exam, notify party by the person on time to participate in the test, because the field staff arrange time buce absent. The office party secretary to take the lead, take the lead in learning test, made an example for all Party members, to create a good atmosphere of school discipline, knowledge, keep the bottom line of the party.

After the test, to further strengthen the party discipline master, clarify the vague understanding of ideological understanding, deepen the "criterion" and the "Regulations" the main content and essence of the understanding and grasp; to further enhance the awareness of the rules of discipline, the "standards" and "Regulations" has internalized in the heart in the brain, truly know fear, distrust, and the party discipline through words, implementation to do.