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Zhejiang Dewei CPAs Co., Ltd. and affiliated professional organizations, with a diversified and more complete the relevant professional qualifications, professional services combined function more complete professional categories personnel formed, preferably as a limited company, limited various legal body liability companies, foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises, group enterprises, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, joint ventures, private enterprises, administrative institutions and social organizations to provide multi-faceted professional services, including but not limited to:

(A) joint-stock restructuring and listing services

Undertake a feasibility study and consultation before the listed companies

Assist enterprises to complete listing of preparatory work, including the provision of professional advice on the restructuring plan

As a corporate restructuring and stock-listed audit, capital verification, assets evaluation, review profit forecast

(B) audit, capital verification services

Corporate accounting statement audit, including the medium-term enterprises of all types, annual accounting statement audit

Capital verification

Merger, separation and liquidation of the audit

Outgoing economic responsibility audit

Each specific project audit (including audit, review, due diligence and assurance services, etc.)

Other audit services

(C) Management Consulting Services

Standardize corporate accounting, corporate accounting system design

Evaluation or design of internal control

Financial Controls and Incentive Group Company

Comprehensive Budget Management

Corporate restructuring, reorganization, M & A advisory

Due diligence

Performance Evaluation

Investment Value Analysis

Tax Planning

Other management consulting