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Notice on the extension of the professional stage examination admission ticket

Release time:2015-10-15 14:49:24

Do 2015 Choi Test No. 133

2015 annual certified public accountant national unified examination professional stage examination admission to download the print time has been in the end of October 14th 20:00.

After the admission ticket to download the end of the time, a small number of candidates reflect the individual reasons for failing to download and print standard textual criticism. After study, decided to extend the 2015 annual national unified examination of certified public accountants professional stage examination admission ticket to download the print time to October 16th 14:00. Online registration system opened in October 15th to 20:00, October 16th 8:00 open to the end of 14:00.

I do once again to remind the print has not yet downloaded the admission of candidates, please be sure to complete the above requirements in time to complete the admission of the download and print. After the online registration system is closed, the print function will not be open to download.
Candidates in the download and print admission ticket to extend the period, if there is a problem or question, please refer to the local Institute of certified public accountants or I do. I do advisory telephone for 010-88250110.

Office of the Ministry of Finance Certified Public Accountants Examination Committee   

October 15, 2015