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Ode to the party, harmonious development (Figure)

Release time:2008-06-28 11:09:35

In order to Dweh accounting firms become bigger and stronger, to accelerate the development of our Party branch decided to commemorate the 87 anniversary of the founding of theme activities. In June 28th, the organization of all Party members and employees in Nanji Island to carry out the "poems in praise of the party, the praise of the motherland, strong foundation, harmonious development" as the theme of the beach bonfire party poetry. All the staff to overcome the negative factors of Travel Journey bumps, dizziness and vomiting caused by energetic actively involved in Party activities, the party departments, so a variety of ways to celebrate the party's valiant record, praise the great changes since China's reform and opening up, at the same time I showed all the staff of the spirit. In the evening, some in the form of poetry to praise the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country to unite as one with the Wenchuan earthquake to fight, to win the victory of earthquake relief. At the same time to express the ideal foundation, the spirit of life concern and invincible. Some take the form of a chorus of praise, the heart of the disaster area, the harmonious development of the party and the people of the motherland valiant record of deep feelings; there are rich and colorful entertainment activities reflect the staff team spirit. This activity further aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of ordinary people to love the party, I also realize the strategic large-scale activities of the combined organization team, all the staff to communicate with each other, contact the feelings, to create a platform to enhance cohesion. Through this intimate activities, to a certain extent changed my staff in the past between the strange situation, highlighting the exemplary role of Party members, adhering to the "people-oriented", make a foundation for my big strong, make my fierce competition in the market under the condition of strong base the solid, harmonious development, create a better future plays a promoting role.