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Ningbo Institute of certified public accountants, the fourth member congress held

Release time:2008-07-02 11:09:43

In July 2nd, Ningbo CPA Association Fourth Congress and the four session of the Council was held at the Golden Port Hotel in Ningbo, from the city's accounting firm and the county (city) District Finance Bureau, a total of 79 members attended the meeting. Director of the Provincial Association Deputy Secretary General Administration of civil society organizations, long Dai Xiangbo, Chen Zhiwei attends a meeting speech. The agenda of the general assembly is compact, the content is substantial, not only summarizes the past, but also looks forward to the future. Meeting of the third session of the Council Secretariat, CICPA work report, the revised "Ningbo CPA Association" and the City Association membership fee standard adjustment scheme, the election of the fourth session of the 46 Council, association director, 19 executive director and member of the leading institution, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau Zhang Cuifei was elected as the new president of the Council, the Municipal Audit Bureau deputy director Wang Anhua, Municipal Bureau of finance accounting management office director Zhou Mingjie, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance Accounting Management Office Deputy Director Lu Xianding, Zhejiang Dewei CPA chief accountant Liu Yansen four comrades was elected vice president, comrade Lu Xianding was elected as the new secretary general of the council.

The new president of the Council Deputy Secretary Zhang Cuifei made an important speech, affirmed the Council Work Association, combined with the economic development of Ningbo, put forward specific requirements for the construction and development of the CPA profession association: cherish the good situation of economic and social development, actively seize the great opportunities for the development of the industry and the implementation; strong strategic development, a number of large scale, excellent quality of the accounting firm; start the industry talent strategy, improve the CPA industry development quality; implement the strategy of going out, I encourage the accounting firms to go out; innovation mechanism, strengthen self construction, efforts to achieve sustainable development of the industry.